Sometimes words fall short. That’s when visual arts have a profound ability to step in and open viewers up to a gut level perspective previously inaccessible.  

Mine is a departure from the typical artist’s path. Always questioning everything (much to my parents angst and dismay), my passion found me in the classrooms and lecture halls of academia, not in the study of art, but in the amazing world of thoughtful examination of ideas and dogma. 

I left with a degree in Philosophy (magna cum laude), and a head full of creative purpose. As a result, my sculptures, photography, and writings reflect the unique quality of what it is to be human in an absurd world.

The process of creating, exhibiting, and experiencing art wields a unique power to examine and question our cultural, political, gender, and societal norms. Sharing these ideas is what fuels my process in the hope that viewing my work leads one to examine the world around them in a different and unique way

I hope my work illuminates ideas that encourage an examination of views, sparks new ways of thinking, and serves as an impetus for change.


Want something special; something just for you?  Want a unique gift for someone you love? Want to be part of the creative process and walk away with a one of a kind product? Shoot me a request and let’s see what we can come up with!

I’m open to any communication! Feel free to contact me any convenient way!